How popular do you think gambling actually is in Japan? Japanese people’s views on the popularity of gambling vary considerably. While some people believe that Japan does not have a problem with gambling and that no one suffers from gambling addiction because it is strictly regulated, others say that Japan definitely has the biggest gambling problem. Masu.

Our opinion is somewhere in between, but that’s not the point of today’s article. Whether you view casinos positively or negatively, casinos are popular all over the world. This also applies to artwork, with artists all over the world finding inspiration in casinos throughout the ages.

Top 5 Art Pieces Perfect for Casino Lovers - Artsagemn

Here are five of the best pieces of gambling-related art.

1. “Dog Playing Poker”
Series by Coolidge

First, let me introduce you to some well-known masterpieces. If you’ve ever been to a casino or billiards club, you’ve probably seen “Dogs Playing Poker.” Located in casinos all over the world, it is almost impossible not to see this painting in your life. Although this legendary work by Coolidge is actually just one of a series, it is considered his most famous painting, and arguably the most famous gambling-related painting in the world.

2. “At the Roulette Table of Monte Carlo”
by Edvard Munch

This is an old painting, but just like “Dog Playing Poker,” it is a wonderful work. If you love art history, you know that Munch’s most famous work is The Scream, and it’s a legendary piece. However, he was also a successful painter and left behind many wonderful works. “At the Monte Carlo Roulette Table” is one of them.

3. “The Card Players”
series by Paul Cézanne

If you’re looking for a post-impressionist work depicting gambling scenes, Paul Cézanne is the perfect painter. This famous painter used oil painting techniques in his work, and “The Card Players” was also painted using this technique. The painting depicts two gentlemen in their 40s playing card games at a modest table in their home. Next to the two of them is a bottle, probably containing some kind of alcoholic drink.

4. “Queen of Slot Machines”
by Sherry Wilkerson

Since we have introduced old paintings so far, we can say that “Queen of Slot Machines” is a relatively new painting. Copies are now available for as low as $20, making it easy to get your hands on one. An old lady, depicted as a queen, is shown playing slots and enjoying a luxurious casino life.

5. “Argument over a Card Game”
by Jan Steen

Casinos and gambling are often associated with alcohol, money, and crime. Jan Steen created captivating works depicting conflicts that occur after card games. The gentleman about to draw his sword appears to be drunk, and so does the gentleman holding the knife. While most people are laughing, some are trying to stop the chaotic situation.

Whether you like the art of painting or not, we hope you will find that works like this accurately depict the influence that gambling has had on our culture and traditions. This shows that gambling has been a part of our lives since ancient times.